Piorra Maison

Piorra Maison est le fière distributeur de Chalk Paint™ une peinture décorative par Annie Sloan à Montréal, Québec.
Piorra Maison is the proud Stockist of Chalk Paint™ decorative paints by Annie Sloan in Montreal, Québec.

Friday, November 4, 2011

My obsession with hearts???

Well, I have no idea where it came from but my home is loaded with hearts. Hearts in wood, hearts in terracotta, in ceramic, even carvings in stone, etc... You name it and I have it.

So,  I seem to have loaded the store with the same thing??? I guess I am looking for love?? Is it a subliminal thing? One will never know why we do the things we do. Have a look at my choices. Without even realizing what I have done! You can't say I'm heartless. lol.

Lace hearts on the pockets????

Very large glass ornaments.

Terracotta hearts (Sorry bad photo) 

Galvanized hearts on a string.

Glass hearts. Ohhhhh there are many, many more I just haven't photographed them. 
(glass heart in foreground and glass hearts that open in background) 

A song comes to mind: " Looking for love in all the wrong places" 

Really! oh well.

My quote for the day (more of my obsession with hearts).

A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. 
Thomas Carlyle 

Thank you,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Piorra Maison - Our humble beginnings

We finally did it! We opened our doors on Sunday, a very soft opening. We still don't have our signage out front, but as the story goes, nothing has been on schedule or on time since we started this business. We gotta role with the punches, "they say". I tell you, I have quite a few bruises from rolling with the punches,  because I have been knocked down a few times. All is good. All is great. All is finally coming together, we have had many, many wonderful comments.

A sneak peek. 

Everything, I mean everything,  finally came in all at once......

It's like Christmas opening all the goodies. This is the part I love. 

Putting things out, moving them around and trying different displays. Seeing it all come together, finally.

Love these little magnetic clocks. Battery powered...they can be placed anywhere, even on hubbies tool box or inside lockers. 

A few vintage finds to add to the industrial chic look. 

These weights have been selling like crazy.....as door stops. 

More industrial chic, A place to hang  your keys.

A mix of vintage and new. Vintage office supplies are really hot items on the market. It can really warm-up what is usually a blah space. 

 Another hot item, paper weights with vintage motifs. 

  I guess we were tired, we started having fun spelling messed up words with these letters.......We thought the crooked "T" was a more casual look. 

Can't have casual without J.E.A.N.S

Men's sexy Mavi jeans. What a wonderful feel these jeans have. The blend of material is like butterrrrr to your fingers. Just like the......

leather on anything RUDSAK. Like Butterrrrrr.....We carry men's, women's wallets & handbags. We will be carrying a bigger collection in spring. Many Items are already SOLD OUT!

We also just picked up the line for men, PROJEK RAW & PRIVATE MEMBER. 
Proudly, A Canadian design. 
Wonderful sweaters and shirts. 

And of course you cannot have men's jeans without Women's jeans. 
DISH Jeans.
 What a wonderful collection, again a Canadian design. I have many, many, different design & styles. Straight leg, boot cut, flare.......

And Miracle body jeans... on the Oprah "O list" . 

And sooo, sooo, much more.  I will reveal the Shabby Nouveau side of the store shortly. 

My Words to inspire for the day.

Thank you

Our Location: 274 Bord du lac (Lakeshore),
Pointe-Claire Village, QC, H9S 4K9