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Piorra Maison est le fière distributeur de Chalk Paint™ une peinture décorative par Annie Sloan à Montréal, Québec.
Piorra Maison is the proud Stockist of Chalk Paint™ decorative paints by Annie Sloan in Montreal, Québec.

Friday, December 14, 2012

My Annie Sloan Work Book - With all my imperfect inspiration.

This past year I haven't had much time to be inspired at home. I have been spending most of my spare time at my boutique. Although I love it, I have made a little New Year's resolution to myself. In 2013 it will be the year I spend a little more time away from the boutique and more time nesting. I am quite ashamed to admit,  but I do not have, not one drop of Chalk Paint™ in my home. I have been dying to re-do a few things, NO a lot of things. Which brings me to Annie's wonderful,  inspiring Work Book.  Yesterday was the official launch of her Work Book. I am sad to say I had wanted to post this yesterday but the Flu Bug has hit us all in the store this week including myself, causing a little ruffle in our feathers. So here I am,  a day late.  

I normally do not do things this way. I can visualize an entire project from start to finish in my head. Colour schemes, furniture, everything. I have recently discovered that some people cannot visualize their projects. Annie's Work Book can help others to plan out colour schemes, furniture choices, and help to inspire them.  As I sat down to plan out my colour scheme for my kitchen , Something hit me!!! Something I haven't felt in a long time as far as my home was concerned. I became really excited to get this project on the way. I was so inspired I had to write it out on the first page!!!! 

My inspirations, My dreams, my colours, My Work Book. 
 I am excited to share what I have started. 
Tomorrow,  I will be sharing it in my workshop as well.  

So something that started off as a commitment to promote Annie's Work Book (sorry Annie) actually woke something up inside of me. Don't know if it was just the hard work that I have put into my business throughout this past year and a half but my home was an afterthought. I was no longer inspired to even clean it.  I haven't entertained in my home for over a year. yes the bug hit me!! I really, really want to get this started. Here are my colour choices: 
Graphite - floor, 
French Linen - lower cabinets, 
Old Ochre- upper cabinets. 

I really love Graphite and French Linen together. My kitchen walls are Red. Oddly the same red as Emperor's Silk. I still love the red. 

Something else you need to know about me. I am messy. During my workshops I get paint on my face, paint in my hair, paint on my shoes, Chalk Paint™ everywhere. This is when I am the happiest. When I am being creative, when I am inspiring others to be creative too.  So no surprise my Work Book is messy too. I just realized I haven't sketched in years, ahhh it is wonderful. Although it is a quickie sketch. But this is what the Work Book is all about. It is not about perfection, not about being an artist, nor is it for anyone else but for yourself. 

This is my Work Book.......and only MINE! 
With all my imperfect inspiration. I look forward to sharing the realization of my projects this coming New Year and sharing them through my Work Book. 

Thank you Annie for inspiring me. 

Work Books are available through your local Stockists. To find one close to you Click HERE 

My Quote for the day.

Believe you can and you're halfway there. 
Theodore Roosevelt 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Loyalty Card - Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan

Loyalty Card

Ask for our loyalty card....(This promotion has expired)

Buy 5 quarts of Chalk Paint™ (946ml) and get a free sample in the colour of your choice!!!!

Samples are available in our 30 fabulous colours. 

Happy painting!!


Carte De Fidélité - Peinture à la Craie

Carte De Fidélité 

Demandez pour notre carte de fidélité.....

Achetez 5 Pintes de Peinture à la Craie par Annie Sloan  (946ml) et obtenez un échantillon gratuitement!!!


Monday, October 29, 2012

CLEVER Things I love!

I just love, love when people reuse things that would normally be discarded. Globes that are outdated is a great example. What a neat way to recycle this object. Perfect for a boys room. 

Source: Pinterest. 

Light bulbs recycled to look like hot air balloons, how sweet.  It just amazes me,   how people come up with such great ideas. Oh and it gets better!

This can be used as a wind chime or chandelier. Dig through Grandmas old cutlery,  or how many times have you  seen a bunch of mismatched forks at a garage sale? 
Source: Etsy.com

A little bit of industrial chic. Waste basket up-cycled into a chandelier, clever.

This I just love. Vintage light globes as hanging planters. You can hang them inside or outside. 

Now here is something whimsical!! Must I say more? 

Here's a cute little project.  This could be embellished for the Christmas tree.  A teeny tiny birdcage made out of a bottle cap. How sweet. 

Now this one is "friggin clever" !!! This is made from an old file cabinet. How many times have you seen one of these in the garbage heap? A little Chalk Paint™ love and voila!!!!

How about this!!!! Old TV? Give Pooch a castle! Design it to go with your décor. 

A little Retro Chic!  Common..we all got some of these lurking around at the bottom of some box of photos that Aunt Millie passed on to you. Display your Grandma's vacation from 50 yrs ago! 
Source: etsy.com

Oh I have so much more to show you but I will save them for another post. So have fun and look around you and let your imagination run wild. I hope this inspires you to up-cycle. 

My Quote for the day:
“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” 
― Albert Einstein


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chalk Paint™ Peinture à la Craie par Annie Sloan - Paloma avec Cire Foncée

Chalk Paint™ Decorative paint by Annie Sloan - Paloma with Clear & Dark Soft Wax. 

A lovely piece transformed. I will keep this short and sweet. I no longer have the time to blog. Which is a love of mine. Eventually I can combine it all together. The Boutique keeps me so busy, but I cannot complain because I love it equally! So here we go with a custom finish for a client. Please bare with me, these are all iPhone photos. I seem to have misplaced my charger for my digital camera. 

The dark wax can really change the character of the original Chalk Paint™ colour. We started off with a base of Paloma on a surface that has seen better days. This commode was a gem to work on. great lines, curves, and details, not to mention the original drawer pulls.  

We found this written on the inside of the top drawer. Someone certainly has issues with Mother! The consensus at the boutique is..." this will take years of therapy to remedy". 

 On to our project: We applied a quick & thick coat of Paloma using a thick Bristle brush - Annie's Brush is excellent for this project. 

Her brushes are amazing to paint with. If you are a serious furniture painter (or not) I highly recommend it. It holds a lot of paint and allows you to paint a piece in record time. The soft bristles also allows you to get into those nooks a crannies. 

With Annie's brush we are creating texture through our brush strokes. We want texture... this will later be enhanced by the waxes,  adding that extra shabby chicness. 

We then applied a very thin coat of soft clear wax. Immediately followed by a coat of dark soft wax. I mixed my dark wax with a bit of mineral spirits to get a smoother look. One more coat of clear wax was applied the following day. 

Our next step, hardware; Yes, you can paint metal (brass) with Chalk Paint™, in other words you can paint the ugly brassy hardware. This piece had the original drawer pulls, a gift on older pieces. But the original brass did not suit the style we were going for. We painted them a mix between the Paloma and Graphite. No wax necessary!  

Drawer pulls on a grand dresser, is the one good piece of jewelry you will add to your outfit just before going out the door to give a fabulous look and the finishing touch. The knobs on your piece can make or break the style you are trying to achieve.  On this piece it really made the style. I get asked persistently,  where did you get those lovely drawer pulls?  Most are surprised when I tell them they are original to the piece. It is a sad reality, most want to remove them to update their pieces, when all they need is a coat of Chalk Paint™.

This lovely piece is sold. It breaks my heart to see pieces go out the door, but that is the point right?  I know it is going to a lovely home and will be appreciated.

My quote for the day
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
Walt Disney


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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Peinture à la Craie par Annie Sloan - Rénovez votre cuisine

Rénovez votre cuisine avec la Peinture à la Craie par Annie Sloan

                     Les armoires de cuisine sont parties intégrante de votre décor. 

              Que votre style soit : Contemporain – Classique – Vintage – Urbain. 

               Imaginez… Aucun ponçage! Aucun décapage! Aucun apprêtage!

Annie Sloan a créé une peinture qui adhère à presque n'importe quelle surface ainsi que le vieux bois, mélamine, métal, pierre, brique et même 100 ans de cire accumuler sur vos meubles, sans aucun travail de préparation!!!

Créez Le "LOOK" Français!!
Couleur: Gris Paris, Paris Grey. 

Voir Site Web: Piorra Maison 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

PEINTURE À LA CRAIE par Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Projects

PEINTURE À LA CRAIE par Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Projects

What projects do you have planned for the weekend?

                              Photo: a gorgeous piece using Chalk Paint™ by Junk Drawer Diva

Photo: via Pinterest The Purple Pear in Portland, OR

Photo: via Pinterest Paula A. Pereira

Photo: Magasin Piorra Maison par Susan de Simply Vintageous


Friday, July 20, 2012

New Chalk Paint™ Workshop - Lickety Split - 45 min

*New Workshop*
Lickety Split
Beginner's Workshop
Basics with Chalk Paint™ decorative paints by Annie Sloan

  Busy Schedule? Don't have any extra time with the kids off from school? Come in and ask us about our Lickety Split Workshop. In just 45 minutes we will teach you the basic  applications of Chalk Paint™,  Clear and Dark Soft waxes. This workshop will give you the basic techniques for transforming your furniture. 

 Workshop fee: $45.00 +tax
  Includes: Materials 
upon request
Call to ensure that our specialist is available.

Peinture à la craie D'Annie Sloan - Nouveau Atelier - En Deux Temps, Trois Mouvement

Nouveau Atelier
 En Deux Temps, Trois Mouvement
Atelier pour débutantes 

Horaire chargé ? Vous n'avez aucun temps libres avec les enfants en vacances? Venez nous demander pour notre nouveau Atelier  En Deux Temps, Trois Mouvement. Fente de Lickety. Dans 45 minutes nous vous enseignerons les applications de base de la peinture a la craie, la cire molle claire et foncé. Cet atelier vous donnera les techniques de base pour transformer vos meubles.
 Frais: $45.00 +taxes
  Inclus: tous les matériaux

sur demande 
Appelez pour confirmer que notre specialiste est disponible.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Back to basics -busy busy bees.

Well it has been awhile since I wrote a post about what is going on in my life. I feel it is time to get back to what I love and the basics. We have been busy busy little bees. Creating what is now Piorra Maison.

We have been working our little butts off in the French media to put the "Peinture a la Craie" D'Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™  news out there for all the Quebecois people. Here we are filming for Canal Vie at Piorra Maison for a wonderful new show called "Sauvez les Meubles"  (Save the furniture), with Vanessa Sicotte from Damask et Dentelle. The season starts in September and runs for 24 episodes. We are one of the sponsors supplying them with the Chalk Paint™ decorative paints  by Annie Sloan for the full run of the show. The Product awareness that will come from this show will be great for us.

Vanessa Sicotte and Melanie

I will have to admit, it has not been easy but we have accomplished what most people could not have accomplished in half the time. Of course it helps that we are working with a wonderful Product.

I now move on to the second chapter of "the Store" and to what I love to do: We will be taking this wonderful Chalk Paint™ and some unfinished pieces along with some of our vintage finds on the road.

We will be travelling throughout Quebec to Promote the store and the Chalk Paint™. We will also be scavenging for some wonderful treasures to bring back for our customers to enjoy. I will become Quebec's Brocanteurs. Along with my sidekick, and Niece seen above, who shares the passion with me.

As I sit in my basement in front of my computer wearing a very snugly warm bathrobe, I write my first post to the second chapter of my life and the store. Now you ask is it winter time? When did she write this??? No!!!! but I think I need to crank up the Air Conditioner a couple of degrees because my toes have fallen off from frost bite.  My poor son has been complaining how cold it has been in the basement...while the rest of the world is sweating bullets. I have not been down here in awhile, certainly not for a long period of time sitting in front of my computer, I have been too busy at the store. I HEAR ya Son.... Man-o-man I need to end this and get me some heat! Announcing 34 degrees Celsius today!

Wow,  this feels great... to be writing again,  with all my "faux pas" spelling and grammer, I mean grammar mistakes.. Hopefully I will be back real soon to give you more up-dates on the "going ons"

My Quote for the day! (Missed this too)
"Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe"

I just had to!!!!
:))) lol

For more information about Chalk Paint™ decorative paints by Annie Sloan in Quebec visit our website:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

PEINTURE À LA CRAIE D' Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Peinture Décorative à la Craie par Annie Sloan

pour en savoir plus et Acheter en ligne:

Découvrez pourquoi tout le monde appelle ceci une peinture "Miraculeuse"?

  Imaginez… Aucun ponçage!
   Aucun décapage! Aucun apprêtage!

Annie Sloan a créé une peinture qui adhère à presque n'importe quelle surface ainsi que le vieux bois, mélamine, métal, pierre, brique et même 100 ans de cire accumuler sur vos meubles, sans aucun travail de préparation!!!
Créez le "look" Français!!!
Créez le "look" Français
Atelier pour débutantes 

Créez le "look" français sur vos meubles et accessoires avec cette nouvelle peinture sur le marché nord-américain. Inscrivez-vous maintenant pour nos ateliers et apprenez 4 techniques pour transformer vos vieux meubles ou vos trouvailles de marché aux puces en trésors du dernier cri que chacun convoitera!
Heures de l'atelier:10:30h-15:00h
     Frais: $199.00 +taxes
  Inclus: tous les matériaux nécessaires
   & 4 échantillons de deux onces de peinture.

Nous servirons un petit diner, des collations,
 breuvages et une tonnes de rires!

Votre seule tâche est de vous habillez dans votre tenue de peinture!!!


Voir notre Site web: Piorramaison.com

Apprenez les techniques parfaites pour créer le "look" français; deux couleurs, vieillir (distressing), application de cire et coloration de cire avec notre peintre Caroline Harper.Changer votre maison en château français!!!

Appelez pour réserver votre place. 
ou par courriel
Premier arrivé, premier servi. Espaces limités.

pour en savoir plus et Acheter en ligne:
Notre partenaire de vente au détail 

 Our Retail Partner

Peintre de l'illusion

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Peinture à la Craie Annie Sloan - Emperor's Silk et Aubusson blue- Diamant à l'état brut...

Pour ne pas vous confondre, c'est ma niece Melanie qui a écrit ce blog. :) Je suis une tante fière, lisez la suite!
Je suis tellement excitée parce que je vient de rentrer chez moi avec une nouvelle trouvaille et je veux commencée mon projet tout de suite. 

Dans le garage de mon condo, les gens jettent plein de choses. La semaine dernière j'ai trouvée une plante et aujourd'hui un classeur dans la poubelle. 

Ca ne me dérange pas de prendre les poubelles des autres et de les apporter chez moi. C'est un bon deal et de plus, au lieu de remplir un centre de déchets on les réutilise. 

Ce qui est le plus cool avec les trouvailles est que tu peut trouver de choses très unique et tu na pas à avoir peur de les ruiner avec ta créativité.

Pour ce projet j'ai utilisée ma couleur préférer de la Peinture à la Craie Annie Sloan; le Emperor's Silk. Un rouge très vif. 


C'est le troisième projet que je finis avec le même pot de peinture. J'adore que c'est hyper facile d'utiliser. Je suis tellement paresseuse que je n'ai même as nettoyer le classeur avant de le peinturer.

J'adore le rouge mais il y a de quoi qui manque...

Alors pour ajouter un peu de caractère je peinture l'intérieure avec le Aubusson Blue.  J'aime beaucoup l' apparence du classeur quand c'est finit. 

Mais la meilleure chose est que je suis rentrer à 22:00 et il est maintenant 23:30. 

Je pense que les couleur plus oser de la Peinture à la Craie Annie Sloan son superbe pour utiliser comme couleur d'accent ou a l'intérieure de tiroirs...

... à moins que tu aimes les montrer. Comme j'aime le Emperor's Silk. En plein jour je vois qu'il y a de petits coins qui ont besoin d'un petit retouche. Mais c'est pas mal pour une couche de peinture sur le métal. 

Joyeux Peinture!!!


Inspiration de la journée:

Ce qui me scandalise, ce n'est pas qu'il y ait des riches et des pauvres; c'est le gaspillage.
de Mère Teresa