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Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Urban surprise...to chill your bones in this summers heat!

This is a very unusual post for me. Something I would never ever think of writing about...but there is a first time for everything. I just had to share this with you! They call it a summer chiller; simple, refreshing and delicious, but of course I have a twist to this wonderful Urban chiller......

Strawberry Limeade with my added twist. 

It is quite simple to make and I make it even simpler. 

Here is the original recipe as they prepare it. 
Strawberry limeade 
serves 6
                                           1/2   cup granulated sugar
                                               1  cup water
                                               1  cup freshly squeezed lime juice
                                                        (from about 7 limes)    
                                                    zest of 2 limes, very finely chopped
                                               2   cups of fresh strawberries, diced
                                               2   cups still or sparkling water 
                                                           and crushed ice 

Source: Canadian Gardening summer 2011 issue

Ok, here goes.....
In a small pot, combine the sugar and water. Boil hard for 2 minutes. I can't tweek this one. It pretty much is, what it is.....,and this takes literally 2 minutes. So watch it. 

Remove from the heat and add lime juice from 7 limes. phrrrahh right! Like I am gonna squeeze 7 limes. This is my take!

Got it! We just saved 15 minutes! That much closer to.......our chill time.
Your still gonna need a lime. 1 lime only. moving on. 

Add Lime juice to boiled sugar water.. 1 cup only (remember 7 limes for 1 cup only) Eh, saved us some real time, eh. 

Now they ask for the zest of 2 limes but we only got 1 lime. no problem!
(1 lime left over from the family get-together on the weekend when we all got ......... on Coronas.......La Cerveza mas fina! Thats right! and a great summer beer too). 

So we change it to the zest of 1 lime and no one will be the wiser. 

When I am done with it no one will notice the diff. 
Ok, this is hard work, its a labor of love. Thinking about the end result. 

And now add to the mixture your Diced strawberries. Sorry, no, no nope, not I . I am not dicing strawberries. They have to be washed, cleaned and diced. nah,  no way! 
Diced strawberries Frozen strawberries. See just saved us some more time. Chill time is happening real soon. 

I threw in some ice with that, save more time. While the blender is dicing the ice will be crushing. 
Doesn't that look refreshing all ready. 

Ya!  nope! that did not work. Ok, so I thawed the strawberries and diced them. 

Only half of them.

  To give the blender something to work with, ya know, and I added the lime juice too. 

and some more of this, just because I didn't have sparkling water....Da!

Now look at this, doesn't that look refreshing. 

A masterpiece. It just goes to show ya...

 when there is a will.......

 you can find the way to .......make something outta what you got hanging around.
So grab your favorite vintage pitcher...fill it up with some Strawberry limeade and.......


Its chill time with your favorite "Urban chiller"  or "bone chiller" 
I just named it that now! Not bad, eh!

My words of inspiration for the day. 
Bone chiller and Smirnoff.

Please drink responsibly.
because I always do :D
p.s. this is not a paid advertisement 


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