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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Emperor's Silk and Aubusson Blue - Diamond in the rough...

To avoid confusion, my niece Melanie is the author of this post. :) I'm a proud Auntie, read on!
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I just got home and I am so excited to start a new project right away!!!
In the garage in my building people are always throwing stuff away. Last week I found a Ficus plant, today an old filing cabinet.

 I am not above taking something from the garbage and giving it a new home. In my opinion it's a good business deal. Plus, I believe that re-using something that was headed for landfill can never hurt.

The best thing about garbage finds is that you can find some really unique pieces and never have to be afraid of experimenting because you paid nothing for it.

 I used my favourite Annie Sloan chalk paint color; Emperor's Silk. It's the third project I use the same can of paint for.

 I love how easy it is to use. I am really lazy and did not even clean this piece before I paint it. (Not recommended). 

I love the way the red looks but feel like there is a little something missing. 

To add a little character I painted the inside with Aubusson Blue.

 I love the finished look. Even when it is still wet...

 Best of all I started this at 10pm and it is now 11:30.

   I think the really funky colours from Annie Sloan Chalk paint are great to use as accents inside drawers and cabinet...

 ...unless you love to showcase them, 
the way I love Emperor's Silk!!!

 In the daylight I see that there are a few places that need a touch up. But for one coat on metal, it looks really good even if I do say so myself!!!

Happy Painting!!!


Quote of the day:   

 I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use. 
 Mother Teresa


  1. Great job Melanie - love the transformation

  2. Love the red paint job on the filing cabinet.