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Piorra Maison est le fière distributeur de Chalk Paint™ une peinture décorative par Annie Sloan à Montréal, Québec.
Piorra Maison is the proud Stockist of Chalk Paint™ decorative paints by Annie Sloan in Montreal, Québec.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to create a vignette in your home

The definition for a vignette is a decorative design or pleasing picture to view. Vignettes create a pleasant environment in the home that is eye catching. 

I can guide you through a few tips to help you design a wonderful vignette in your home. We see wonderful examples in our daily blogs. I will show you some of my favorites I designed for the HGTV series THE PROPERTY SHOP. 

Vignettes can be designed on a sideboard, a nightstand, in a cabinet, an entire bookshelf or an entire wall. 

Pulling inspiration from objects around you that are near and dear will make it much more meaningful.  Groups of three symmetrical or like objects can be used.  Three asymmetrical objects can work or......

Different items in varying heights in groups of three also works very well. 

Let your imagination work for you. Pull inspiration from the items around you. Put groupings of three together and change it up to see which one is more appealing to you.  There is no wrong way...it is your home, and if you like what you have created then you have achieved success. 

Not all vignettes need to have groups of three. You can create a vignette with many different items but the trick is to have varying heights for interest. Mixing different shapes can be more striking and interesting for the eye. 

Have fun. Mix it up.Use architectural salvaged finds, books, dolls, vintage tools, vintage kitchen utensils, anything and everything. 

Create vignettes on top of your kitchen cabinets, armoires, in your garden on your deck and up your walls.

 Go to town on it. 

My words to inspire for the day. 

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.
                                         (Maya Angelou)

 All furniture and accessories used in staging this project was provided by Artemano


  1. Great post! I love using things that are special. And that Maya Angelou quote is one of my all time favorites.