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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Argggghhhhh! Its been raining for 4 days straight! So I decided lets embrace it. I have been wanting to show my little sanctuary outside but the rain won't allow me. Its been dull and wet. The sun is trying to make an appearance, now's the time to have some fun with the camera. I am certainly not a professional, nor is my camera anything fancy but I love to play and have fun with it. 

My makeshift fountain on my deck with my sweet angel.

This angel reminds me of my son, we have a photo of him sitting on a rock at age 5 making the same gesture. He is just missing the wings.....

Favorite bird house

All chippy and rusty

Just love how it weathered

I found this bird house at a garage sale many years ago and hand painted it myself. 

No birds have ever inhabited it, simply used for decoration.

Petunias. My Mom would sing this song to us when we were kids ..."I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch....All I ever do is cry!"

My Petunias are crying!!!! 

One of my favorite gifts from my sister and her husband.  A wrought iron hanging planter. 

Hostas, One of my most cherished plants. I love to garden with hostas. I have many varieties.

In the spring I pull them from my holding garden, split them and transplant them into pots on my deck. 

In the fall I transplant them back into my holding garden (vegetable garden no longer in use).

Every year I have new hostas and varieties, the split plants are planted throughout my property. You can save a ton of money this way. 

My vegetable/holding garden, not very pretty right now. I will get to it later. 

Back to my deck, my cow bells I picked up in Switzerland. 

I love a lot of greenery

I have a creeping Virginia creeping over everything and I love it.

This was once in my kitchen, love to move things around. 

My little herb section just off my kitchen,very convenient. I found the basket at a garage sale for $3. 

Another garage sale find. I saw Cornucopias all over Switzerland with flowers planted in them. It was just lovely. 

My Gargoyle watching over me! I have had him for years. 

More flower power

Everything is still so wet. The rain just hasn't stopped. Not so great for potted plants. 

My rusted painted bucket. I painted this many years ago and it was just sitting under a wastepaper basket in my basement. What a waste...hehe! Lame I know!

Miniature roses, I purchase them, enjoy them on my deck all summer and then plant them permanently in my flower beds in the fall. A money saving tip as well. 

When all was said and done, I sat back to enjoy the fruits of my labor with a sparkling cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Now if only I could convince the Jeep dealers to deliver Lenny as promised on the hood of my Jeep. 

My words of inspiration for the day!

Still Lenny!!!! hehe..

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  1. Your garden looks fantastic, even with all the rain! I love hostas too, they are so hardy and versatile. I'll share a glass of wine with you and dream of Lenny...(It's not cheating on my husband, his name is Leonard...lol!)

  2. Caroline, Your garden is glorious and I'll happily trade you some sun for rain. Our hostas are drying out even though we water. I love Virginia creeper, even though it's a weed and was so surprised to hear you mention you like it too. It looks fabulous framiny your bench. Love your garden ornaments, too.
    Have a great summer,

  3. I personally think that a garden looks lovely both during or just after a rain.... So magical with the light and the raindrops. Kudos to you for dividing your hostas. Like your sweet little angel. Am visiting from TTT. ~ Sue

  4. Caroline, What a beautiful garden and your photos are magical! Love the little angel and the birdhouses. Thank you for linking to my party this week.