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Piorra Maison est le fière distributeur de Chalk Paint™ une peinture décorative par Annie Sloan à Montréal, Québec.
Piorra Maison is the proud Stockist of Chalk Paint™ decorative paints by Annie Sloan in Montreal, Québec.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Road trip...Off to the CGTA in Toronto.

 CGTA Spring 2011 Toronto Gift Show

Looking for ..........

Ahh, The CGTA, the largest gift trade show in Canada. It is always very exciting and stimulating. All you see is row after row of wholesalers ,distributors and importers from all over North America and abroad. It can also be quite overwhelming if you are not organized. I cannot wait to see what we can find this year.  The anticipation is killing me. 

Some wonderful things to find.

The show is closed to the general public. Getting into the show is quite difficult.  Your credentials and your staffs credentials are thoroughly verified. You have to hand over your first born, your second born and tell them what size underwear you are wearing just to get in. This is done to protect retailers. It is all worth it. 

Lovely vintage painted furniture.

Always looking for the one-of-a-kind special supplier.We have found the haystack and we also have found the needle a few times....it could be a hit or a miss every trip. Very anxious to see what there is to offer on this trip.

 Maybe? What can I say.

A wonderful find from the past.

Some wholesalers have dazzling displays. 

 So much more to see.....

We are doing what most women love...SHOP. For five very long and full days we view thousands and thousands of products just trying to make the right choice for our customers. You gotta love it or DIE, DIE, DIE. A lot of sad sack faces hauling around suitcases on wheels. Some are really not enjoying it. I have the opportunity to shop with my good friend and we enjoy it immensely. 

 I will be back next week with "tales from the crypt" and hopefully some fabulous finds. 

My words of inspiration for the week!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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