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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quelle surpise, a flea market in the middle of NYC.

Part two of Thrifting in NYC. My daughter and I had a blast and we found some fabulous things thrifting through the city. 

Saw these ugly things. Who would want this hanging in their home? Eeeewwwww. 

And this.  Hey, $5 off, a bargain, yuppie! Would you pay $50 for a bug? 

Now this is better. Loose tea? Not sure if I would trust the cleanliness. Anything goes in NY. 
Take note of the wonderful sunshine. 

Great bargains to be had. Although my daughter stipulated she gets them even cheaper, she has a spot. (someone is getting to know the city!!!!). 

Saw this, hehe. I love hippos. I had to snap a shot. I found out it is a party planning company. Cute Logo. 

Next, we just happened upon a flea market in a parking lot. Quelle surprise for us!  We were both excited. We are discovering new parts of the city together.  

We found this wonderful dresser/commode. It was exactly what she wanted. 

Very good quality, solid wood. 

A few little scratches here and there, a little trim missing on one drawer. All in all a very good deal. 
The next dilemma was how do we get this large piece of furniture home to her apartment? 

Well...a  really old gentleman sitting in a chair next to the vendor offered to deliver it for 50 bucks. 
He said he had a truck? Like this? 

Maybe NOT! (The better half...was waiting for a spot to slip this in, isn't he CUTE)

Delivery settled...! 

We now had Carte Blanche to pick up all kinds of stuff. No need to carry it, it was being delivered. whoopy! That is exactly what we did. We piled it on and we piled it ON. 

A French lithograph and a reproduction treaty agreement for me. 

From the State of South Carolina (Named after me!) 

A vintage genie in a bottle lamp for my daughter (less the shade). We grabbed this shade from a lamp she had, it is too small. It is quite tough,  her being so far from home.  I have brand new lampshades from my old crafting days still in its cellophane. Sigh!

An antique picture frame pour moi. Sorry I will reveal the whole thing in a future post. I have plans for this GORGEOUS FRAME. 

A vintage chinois jewelry box pour elle.

 An  architectural find pour moi.

A quartz chunk of a rock pour elle. My daughter collects precious minerals, stones and rocks etc....

Thought maybe she would study geology. NOPE she decided to enter the fashion industry. I am really proud of her.  She IS very creative and passionate about her work.

Found and bought a vintage nightstand she wants to use as a side table. (ignore the x-box paraphernalia on top, a whole other story...) She is trying to find pieces that can do double duty for storage. 

So we spent a ton of $$$$$, delivery was scheduled for 6:30-7:00 that evening. We were both excited to start moving and placing furniture around her studio apartment that evening. We cleaned up while we waited. 

 *Sorry for the photos. For the entire 5 days I was in NY, it was dull. Not much sunshine. The sun only came out when I was 10 blocks from her apartment. Go figure.  

I will take you on a little tour. This is the section we curtained off the last time I was in town. It gives  a little bit of privacy and creates a little bedroom nook.

We had to get the maintenance guy to help install all the curtain rods. (requiring a tip $$$$$$$) 

Her building is a gorgeous ART DECO design from the 1920's. What is tough, all the walls are a thick plaster. (sorry dull photo)

So there is NO... Let's just take a hammer, a nail and hang a picture, She needs to call the building maintenance guy and have him drill the holes and install plugs. Of course everyone wants a TIP. I told her it would be cheaper in the long run to just buy a drill. NY life. 

Back to the delivery: 
We wait, and wait....tick, tock....no delivery! Oh God what have we done. WE left a ton of $$$$ to some stranger in the middle of NYC. 

Back to the tour:

I just love her windows. So vintage. The strange thing? There are no screens and these windows open up real wide. It is almost scary.  

Back to the delivery:  

What were we thinking, me the Mom who is suppose to protect her youngings, never even thought about being scammed.  No, No scratch that thought, these people were all sooooo nice and helpful, it would be bad business to scam us.

Back to the tour:

The rosary on the nightstand was given to her from Grandma. The large crackled heart is something we purchased together while in Montreal. We each have our heart in our homes to remind each other of our special Mother, Daughter bond we hold in our hearts, even though we are miles apart. 

Isn't he cute.  Something we picked up during our  first visit to NYC in a vintage African shop. Now we know he is not vintage but he was cute. 

I broke this while I was there. Her brothers gave it to her!  (Sorry princess!)

Back to the delivery: 
At 7:00pm sharp the buzzer rings and it is our goodies. This poor man (about 70yrs) was alone! We felt bad, 1 for doubting him and 2 for dumping all our stuff on him. Karma. If you notice in the  photo of the nightstand, left hand corner, he broke the foot off. That'll teach us!

Back to the tour:
And this is how she put it together. Nestled inside a nook in her wall about 10' wide/long.  I believe the nook must have been for a murphy bed.  Very popular in the past, most studio apartments came furnished with Murphy beds.

She has quite a large studio Apartment (NY standards) situated in a very secure location. Up the block from the UN headquarters. There are times when we need to show ID to get down her street. 

The down side; her view. Remember the sitcom FREINDS? They were always peering into the windows across the way? Seeing strangers doing stuff when they think no one was looking!!!! Well,

Look across the way. This is an office building. The guy who sits at this desk, picks his nose and ____ . eeeeeewwwwww!  I will say no more. People watching, what a past time. 

Not a bad set-up, when she is home, no one is in the office and when she is out at work during the day, they get to stare at an empty apartment. Until we come!  But, we are usually out all day too. Our next project,  blinds

There is a whole half of her apartment I have not showed you. Her kitchenette (teeny,tiny) because no one eats in NY. Her bathroom, with very cute original black and white art deco/vintage tiles, well preserved and restored. And the area where she has her sofa, coffee tables and side tables. 

A promise was made to take photos after we left so I could show my readers. (wink, wink). tap...tap...tap still waiting????  

I will soon hit 100 followers some time soon and I am planning a great giveaway to thank all my friends. Here is a hint for one of my products I plan on giving as a "thanks".
more to come.
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My words of inspiration for the day.

It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, "Always do what you are afraid to do."
                                                                                    Ralph Waldo Emerson

What great words. Remember your words are my inspiration. Please leave a comment. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, from what I've seen so far you've done a fabulous job! Your daughter's so lucky you were there to help. Her studio apt. looks darling! My BIL and his wife moved to NY just over a year ago, it took a while to get used to but now they love it. My BIL works at Mario Batalli's restaurant but they live in a studio also that has the teeniest little kitchen, literally like a closet!

    Too funny about the guy picking his nose!

  2. Wow, you found some great things and so glad you didn't get ripped off! I live in the desert and wouldn't pay a cent for a framed scorpion! I try to keep them out of my house! Glad you and your daughter had a good time!

  3. What a great adventure living in NYC!

  4. Really nice touches! The studio looks cozy and a little sassy!

  5. What an awesome read, you've done fantastic things with her apartment. I am looking forward to reading more.
    (About the apartment.. not the picker! LOL)

    I'm loving her new dresser too, so beautiful!


  6. Nice little tour of what goes on in the big city! I love the apartment--cute ideas and the curtain rod looks great. I was getting worried that dresser was not going to show up too! Thanks for sharing. Patty

  7. This is my first time here..over from Time Travel..and I am in LOVE with your story, blog, personality...I am signing up to follow and will be back soon to read more. :))
    xo bj

  8. i knowwwwwww the pictures the pictures....still messy..sorry :( lol

  9. I really enjoy reading your posts. No, I would NOT have any creepy crawlies framed and on the walls in my house! I like the rock collection holder. Are you leaving the wood furniture you bought original or do you have plans to paint some of it?

  10. I am a new reader, but I absolutely love this post! Flea markets are my kind of thing and you found a great dresser!

  11. You are so lucky to have somebody to visit in NY! I wish I could go back soon :) In the mean time we just bought a new floor and it get to be paid...That's life!

  12. Hi Caroline, What a fun trip! Looks like your daughter got some great things. I hope her building has an elevator the poor delivery guy could use. Thanks for joining my party.

  13. What great finds! Looks like you guys had fun. I want to go on a thrifting trip in NYC!