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Piorra Maison est le fière distributeur de Chalk Paint™ une peinture décorative par Annie Sloan à Montréal, Québec.
Piorra Maison is the proud Stockist of Chalk Paint™ decorative paints by Annie Sloan in Montreal, Québec.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Andrea Bocelli & Heather Headley - Vivo Per Lei - I live for her.

Vivo Per Lei    - I live for her.  What a great romantic song. I stumbled upon this song from a fellow blogger from Italy, with a French twist.  http://unpeuplusjolie.blogspot.com.  You have to listen to this duet and please visit her blog. 

Some believe the Italians are a very romantic people, some say the french are. On sait jamais! Here in Montréal we have very different opinions. To each his own. We all have our preferences. 

              Romantic Italian Couple
                             See the beautiful Piazza Grande (the reflection in the window).

The spice of life. 

Embracing on a park bench at the Tam Tams. Montreal, Canada.

Have a great and romantic evening.

My words of inspiration for the day. 

 Love the one you are with. 



  1. Love both of these artist,thanks for sharing this.

  2. I've seen Andrea Bocelli in concert twice, the 2nd time this past December with my husband. I was so thrilled when I saw Heather Headley walk out to sing with him! She's sooooo amazing, I had goosebumps!

  3. What a beautiful duet! I adore listening to Andrea Bocelli - and now coupled with Heather Headley.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage