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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Classy Lady...fearless in her design (Trés trés Shabby Chic)

For most of us we are content with the outcome of our design choices in our home, we live with them for awhile. Some of us, cannot just live with what is. We have the desire to move our possessions around our homes from room to room always shaking and mixing it up. Mme Classy Lady has done just that...She has moved her Living room into her dining room and her dining room into her living room.  All this since my last blog Le Petit Bayou.

This is the Before dining room, very much the classic shabby chic design with a twist......

This is the after...very elegant and stately with the company of many lamps. Mme Classy Lady advises that you are never alone in a room when amongst lamps. They give a sense of presence and warmth.  I like that idea and it is so true. She also warms things up by painting her light bulbs with a soft pink or creamy beige paint to cozy up the room and give the same soft glow of a candle. A good design tip but please make sure you use a very low wattage for this. 

With her growing family it was getting too crowded in her "chaleureux" little dining room. Change was a necessity. 

With a little more elbow room, she was capable of leaving a few shabby chic love seats in the space

Fearless in her design, this my ladies and Gents was the pièces de résistance in this room. Three chandeliers are combined to give an impressionable display. Fine dining under this floral canopy of creamy drapery, crystal and pearls must have been the epiphany of romantic.  

But sadly the era for this display above her dining table had to end for the convenience of a growing family. It still holds its regaleness in the new living room. 
Another before.

Here is the Living room after the transition of the rooms. The abundance of pillows welcomes you to this sofa with a feeling of coziness.

Yes, fearless in her choices, she never disappoints. Some may have been apprehensive to make such a bold move but it was clear in her mind what needed to be done to accommodate her families needs without compromising her style and design. 

She never, ever looks back on any decision to change her home for the love of family. 

Notice the tapestry that was once behind the sofa is now an amazing backdrop behind her sideboard. The effect is stunning. Wall sconces do not deter  or prevent the placement of furniture, somehow she makes it all work.  

A stunning sideboard  with a rectangular mirror reflects all her beautiful finds. If you noticed, this was previously the bottom portion of the hutch from her before dining room. Wonder what was done with the top portion? 

It was cleverly placed on top of a table on an angle in the new living room for a whole new different appearance.  Imagine the effect of the candles lit reflecting out of the background mirror in the hutch. 

view from new dining room looking onto the new living room.

A loving Shabby Chic home. 
It is my understanding she has accomplished all this wonderful transformation with the  loving hands of her Handyman husband and son.
Not a simple feat. 

A floral vignette and a large mirror greets you in the foyer to her charming home. With intrigue one imagines what is yet to come. 

There is much, much more to see to this charming and loving home.  It has a soul of its own,  gifted from it's owners and days gone by.  This concludes part 3 of 3. 

Oh no... it is not the end. As I sat and composed this post today, a few very, very stunning photos were sent to my in box. Intrigued? Stay tuned for.....

Ooooo lala Le Jardin (the Garden)
Le 2ieme étage (the second floor) 

I truly believe that this is one of the most stunning homes I have ever seen. Not just for it's decor but for the love and warmth felt within the walls. We have been invited to join them for an "apero" in their lovely gardens once our Montreal weather warms up. 

Un gros Merci,  Mme Classy Lady and M. Handyman for letting me and my friends into your home. I am excited to reveal your Jardin (garden) and Le 2ieme étage.(the 2nd floor).  As I am sure myself and my readers are intrigued and excited to see more. 
Au Revoir. 

My words to inspire for the day. 

Your comments are my inspiration!

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  6. Wow! What a brave move - and for a wonderful cause - I am quite impressed - it is a fantastic look - quite romantic - cozy at the same time - so much beauty for the eye to behold!

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