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Monday, March 14, 2011

Miniature Vintage perfume bottles

I always loved teeny tiny miniature perfume bottles. This obsession started when I was in grade school and our class visited a fascinating place called Upper Canada village. I was given a small amount of money to purchase a souvenir, my choice was a teeny tiny lavender perfume bottle. I still have it to this day. I packed up many things throughout the years, including that miniature bottle, but I think I will go hunting for it. I miss it. It brings back fond childhood memories. With the exception of  my 1st lavender perfume bottle most of my miniature bottles in my collection have been given to me. 

Of course the classic perfume is always Chanel No 5. I have a few bottles in my collection. One of them still has the wax seal. 

This is a photo I found on eBay. It got me thinking about my miniature perfume collection. 

In the foreground is a cute hand painted bottle. This was given to me by a great Aunt (my Aunt Millie) when I was a very young girl. She must have seen me drooling over it during a summer visit. 

This was made for me out of brass. I won't say by who.... he was a machinist when we first dated

It is so teeny tiny. I stuck my thumb in the picture to give a sense of scale.

A few miniature ceramic pieces I made about 8 years ago. As you can see I also love to make  teeny tiny things. 

Remember this from Avon. I was never fond of them but I found it on eBay and just had to show you. 

I have no name on this one, but the bottle is cute.

My picture is not clear but this is the perfume called Rumba. 

Lalique Nina Ricci, Lu Air de Temps Mini Perfume. This one I used....couldn't help myself. Sent Trés bon!

This Vintage Czech mini perfume bottle fetches close to $245.00 at auction.

What a cutie. This German crown top Kewpie miniature perfume bottle fetches at auction $ 230.00

What a beautiful perfume bottle. I would just be so ecstatic if I could find something like this at a flea market or garage sale. So feminine and elegant.

We all have things that fascinate us and give a teeny tiny pleasure hunting down and collecting. 

My words to inspire for the day.

"Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do."

~ Benjamin Spock

                                  Your comments are my inspiration. 

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  1. Such a lovely collection and I also liked the ones you found other places. It's hard to believe some of them are so expensive now. But they are beautiful.

  2. I love your collection of perfume bottles. I wear Chanel's Mademosille everyday, so the Chanel bottles are my favorite.


  3. ♡♡♡
    your photos!
    take care,

    ps . check the one selling on my dawanda shop in beautiful blue and gold!

  4. Hi there! wow..i love your blog. i have recently just developed an interest in vintage perfume bottles and got the Chanel No.5 and Evelyn and Crabtree bottles. i spend most of my sundays at flea markets (in South Africa) and enjoy collecting dresses, gloves and hats:-) today i did a random search and came across your blog..i looooved it! *happy collecting**
    REgards, Joy

  5. The Nina Ricci botle is actualy an Oscar de la Renta. I know because I worked with Oscar.

  6. Question: Do you know the year of the square chanel bottle you have? I just acquired one from an antique shop and I am fascinated with how cool it is. Any help would be appreciated.