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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Romancing the bathroom (half bath horror of an awful unfinished makeover)

Romancing the bathroom is something we all try to do,  after all why not enjoy your space while doing what you gotta do! Showering, putting on makeup, long baths...etc. 

This is what I desire to have!  A tranquil space, so serene. 

I must say though, my bathroom leaves very much to be desired. It is quite an expensive renovation but one that must be done. In my case very soon. Sorry no photos.....Ok, only one!!!
Please feel free to look away, and this is the good part. So you see where I was trying to go with this, LOOK UP, LOOK DOWN. What I desire, what I got! An Awwww moment! 

The blue tiles are original to the house. No kidding Sherlock, so is the tub and the floor and the plumbing. eeeekkkk!  So On a budget I tried to cover it up. With sticky tiles. I have to say, I should finish. It even fooled the appraiser. He thought they were real. hahahahaha. Needless to say I still lost all my inspiration. Why? Because I had to take care of.........(song and dance) here I go. 2nd photo so you can really feel sorry for me! (I can't believe I am putting this out there).

 I live in a 1960's bungalow. I just spent a gazillion dollars on the stuff that is not so pretty to look at. ROOF, FURNACE, HEAT PUMP, AND ELECTRICAL PANEL.  It is really such a drag to know that my hard earned money went towards such U-G-L-Y. STUFF.  Well, I am glad to say we are dry and comfortable. With money sooo tight not much leftover for the bathroom or anything else I attempted a quickie makeover and when you attempt a quickie makeover well you get......a quickie makeover.  You think someone will see this and offer me a bathroom makeover for free or does that only happen on TV. Just putting it out there!  

Here are some wonderful bathroom makeovers I will dream of getting when some TV celebrity comes knocking on my front door. BTW :) that too is new and I love it, it is something pretty I get to look at everyday when I come through it. 

I love the rustic large tumbled marble tiles. The Aubergine claw tube is a daring surprise. 

Love the herringbone flooring. Adds warmth to the coolness of the space. Ahh just want to jump in. 

Some unusual glass jars by the tub to hold bath oils of your choice.

With grey being a popular color in home decor, why not on a claw tub. 

How delightful would this set-up be in a weekend cottage! 

To visit the source of these photos please visit this site. 


Excluding the "half bath horror of an awful unfinished makeover". Those photos are by ME!

My inspirational words for the day.

"There is no failure except
in no longer trying." 

                                   Elbert Hubbard

Your comments are my inspiration.


  1. how nice to meet you caroline! "Merci" for stopping by my blog and for your very sweet words. i am your newest follower. j'adore ALL of your "inspiration" bathroom pictures. they are just gorgeous! with time..patience and a "vision", i am sure YOURS will be just as lovely! Bonne Chance!

  2. I'm sure your patience will be rewarded someday. Meanwhile, you should see if anyone has a contest for the "ugliest bathroom" where you could win a bathroom makeover...er...not that yours is that ugly...you know... well, it has that retro vibe and all that...hum...well, the door is nice!