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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Fabulous thrift finds

Well I promised to show you more of my fabulous thrift finds from "Thrifting on Mother's Day".  Here are some more to drool over because I certainly did when I found them. 

I found this beautiful vintage wooden box. It has quite the crack but nothing I cannot fix. 

The hinges are in great shape and so is the interior. 

Vintage lace doilies in pristine condition.

Love this ecru color!  This is truly a beautiful piece. 

I was amazed at the condition of all the vintage linens, crochets and napkins that I found. 

 I found a set of 4. Quelle surprise! Also in great condition, not one torn stitch. 

This was a great find, a set of 10 linen dinner napkins, every single one of them....in excellent condition. 

These dinner napkins have all my favorite things; delicate crochet detailing, the color ecru and fine linen. Ooooo la la!

There is more.....Have a look at these. Each one I picked up was better then the last. 

Again in pristine condition. No stains, holes or discoloration. 

a closer look

Trying out different things from the ball of wool I found.   The one and the same ball of wool I took too many photos of in my last post.  (view last blog post). 

A set of 6 ecru linen dinner napkins.

In my last post I mentioned the wonderful jar of goodies I found filled with vintage ribbons. I used the vintage ribbons to tie my bundles of napkins. Love this blue ribbon. 

Fresh crisp white napkins, nothing says summer more then this. Delicate details. 

I can just imagine these dinner napkins set out on a beautiful shabby chic tablescape.

Found a few vintage glass bowls

These small bowls are great for catch alls or jewelry.

Just having some vintage fun.

Well, I am doggy sitting my daughters little brat! dog. Ok! I usually call him Kikums he is so cute but last night he broke this lovely dish I found on Sunday. :( Not happy with him!!!! He is very lucky he is cute. He is a very good dog when he is in his own environment, but here, there is just too much stimulation. I have my Bizou who weights 120lbs (Bouvier des Flandres) they are best buds and fool all the time. I have Mr. Harley my teckel dachshunds, he is an old fart that hates everyone but my son. (just kidding).

 And I also have 3 cats. 1 of which is very old and he constantly runs after them all like they were squirrels. Poor things! He is a tiny little thing that weighs 12lbs but when he comes to visit he becomes ALPHA of my house. Spoiled brat. He is all snug as a bug on my lap while I am writing this. Again spoiled brat. This dog has been on more flights then me! Sorry had to vent!!!!!! ok on to the next photo. 

This is something I am struggling with. I found these on Sunday. I already have a vintage canister set but I really love these. Now I have two....What to do?

No visible chips, a little patina on one of the copper covers (adds character) but all in all in excellent condition. 

They just look so lovely on my counter.

 Here is one canister from my set of 4

I bought these in the 90's. They don't really go with my decor at the moment so I keep them stored in the cupboard.   I have no room to keep two sets of canisters. Dilemma.... what should i do? Which ones do you prefer?

I had a great time thrifting. It is one of my favorite pastimes. If I could do this for a living I would be ecstatic. 

Have a good day. 

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I want to thank everyone who has taken an interest in my blog and I hope I can continue to inspire you 

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  1. The set of 10 linen napkins with the laced corner- to die for! Our thift shops hardly if ever have linens- what's up with that? Where are you thifting?

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