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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thrifting on Mothers Day.....Look what I found!

It has always been a tradition that I do the thing I love most on Mothers Day. Thrifting, visiting garage sales and antique shops etc....One place I enjoyed was the St-Eustache flea market. Great finds, always. My boys enjoyed looking for matchbox cars and bonhommes (batman, spiderman) my daughter searched for precious stones and vintage jewelry. I tried to recapture that moment on Sunday....No Can Do!!! 

Here is how the day unfolded: Morning - Up early, alone! Made my own coffee, teenagers always sleep until super time. My Daughter who flew in from NY was out late also. My youngest (15) was still at Dads.

So Off I went on my own.......I haven't been thrifting on Mothers Day in years and I was determined to get in a few hours before the natives woke up. It was a good day, a very good day. Not just because of my finds but how the whole day unfolded. 

My first find of the day, this fabulous vintage dictionary that I can possibly use inside dresser drawers, the binding is badly taped up so I got it for a steal along with this pare of silver plated candlesticks.  

Great details, great patina.

A beautiful silver tray.

It would look gorgeous on a dresser displayed with vintage perfume bottles.

My next find, pretty vintage ice cream cups. 

Next..... A Bromwell flour sifter with a lot of patina for the top of my kitchen cabinets. I love it. 

My daughter fell in love with this! It is so precious. A rare find in this condition and color,  so sweet.  No stains, no damage. 

 Now I know what the letter C stands for (coffee) but for me it is the first initial of my name and I thought I would use it in my office to store business cards and contacts. 

It is in pristine condition.

Everything is looking kinda grey, don't ya think? Wow, My mood??????......Na! I was having a blast. Found some vintage ribbons I thought I could use for a few craft projects. A little bit of color,  finally!

My Mom sewed a lot when we were children, a popular trimming in the 60's and 70's was a product called rick rack. In French it is Ric Rac!! too funny. I always thought that was a name she gave it, a slang word!  Kinda like the French slang for Big Mac, Un Mic Mac, svp!  Anyways, that was until I found some on Sunday in its original pack. You could buy a pack for 25 cents back then. Can you tell I can't sew! They probably still sell this product but I wouldn't know!

And I found this ball of yarn I thought I could use to sweetly package things.

Oooo... I just love photographing this ball of yarn. I had some fun with it. Ya I know, I need to get a life. 

I loved all my finds and I still have more.... This post is getting too long so I will reveal more tomorrow.  Today I want to tell you more about my Mothers Day unfolding. And maybe  throw in a few things here and there for fun.  

Some more fun with a ball of yarn.(My cats have a better life then me!)

I was off to my Moms to visit and give her my gift. We had a glorious sunny day, sat outside with a glass of wine. I invited my Mom over for supper. 

More Yarn....(told ya I need a life)

My sisters and brothers slowly trickled in along with my children, who finally woke up. My youngest son was dropped off by his Dad.  My sisters children showed up too. One big, big happy family. We all had our separate plans to go off and BBQ. It was getting late and we were all talking and enjoying ourselves. We all did not want to leave. 

(Useful yarn ideas.) I know, I know! 

Well,  Why not all head on over to my house for a BBQ. ( I live 5 house up the street from my Mom's.) That's a whole other , "talk to my therapist" story.  We all pooled our BBQ meats together and we had one fabulous time.  The PLUS, PLUS side...everyone helped carry the lawn furniture up to the deck. (just kidding).  Some times those last minute unplanned events turn out to be the most memorable. It was a Memorable Mothers day. I got to thrift in the morning, have all my children together with me for the day and share it with my Mom and family. 

Look what I found! 


My words of inspiration for the day.

Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities.
Aldous Huxley

Love to hear your comments. 
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  1. You crack me up! hahaha! Your facination with yarn in your photos was just too much!!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers Day, Caroline. Nothing better than thrifting and your family.


  2. Hi Caroline! Wow, you're right...your comments have disappeared too! Anyway, I looked into the blogger issues and it was caused by human error but they apparently will have the missing posts back up shortly...how long shortly is I have no idea!!!