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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sparkling Wellness - Day 2 Switzerland

Mmmmmm......What a day to remember. To be on top of the world and in a sense of harmony. Mr. Popular had our day 2 all planned out for us. We were to spend the day in Weggis at the Sparkling Wellness Spa in the Park Hotel Weggis. Weggis is located on Lake Lucerne. What a treat for my tired Jet lag bones. As we approached the hotel I could not believe the view. 

Things just kept getting better and better. First up on the list was a body peel. An amazing sensation. A combination of a body massage with ex-foliating cream. 

 Next up a Tibetan massage. With Tibetan hot oils said to eliminate body fat and cellulite. 

The one Tibetan gentleman was the only person who could perform this massage so we had a tough decision to make. Who would get this message????? Of course the birthday girl deserved it. I had to settle for a full shiatsu message..... what a bummer, don't ya think? NOT. It was amazing! But it didn't end there, Mr. Popular had a facial scheduled for both of us after our massages. It was amazingly relaxing and it put both of us to sleep. 

I truly believe the views and the surroundings put us both in a sense of harmony. 

We enjoyed the moment and spent the rest of the day catching up on time lost. 

We could not resist the infinity pool and the spectacular views surrounding us. The pool is heated to a temperature of 32 Celsius. You can see the steam rising from the pool. Luck was on our side. While having our facials, a thunder storm passed through the mountains. It cleared up in time for us to enjoy the pool once all our sessions were complete. Afterwards we settled in for a little relaxation and talk in the ruhezone or rest area. 

Feeling a little hungry after our astonishing morning, we went out to seek food and get a closer look at the lake and views. The next two photos I took from the parking lot. 

In the town below it was just as breathtaking. 

We discovered a Cuban festival. How perfect. Shared a little snack to fill our tummies while we walked around.  Snapped a few more photos of the typical Swiss homes. It seems every window sill has a flower box of geraniums to adorn it. It is said to keep the mosquitoes at bay. None of the windows in Switzerland have screens. All the blinds are on the exterior of the windows or they have shutters like this quaint little home.  

I saw so many fountains in Switzerland. 

 I also witnessed a woman drinking from this fountain below?  My first reaction was eeeewwww..... but I was told that all the fountains in Switzerland use fresh water and it is drinkable. How convenient on a hot day. Leave it to the Swiss, Wise people!

The view across the lake.

Now here is something I discovered and I find really strange. Have a look at what is in this photo! You would never think this is Switzerland.  PALM TREES in Switzerland ? My first thought was someone planted them temporarily, but no they grow here. Very strange. For the most part I find the vegetation is very similar to Quebec. Minus the Palm trees. 

Photo source ( Hotel Weggis)

Still a little jet lagged,  I am off to bed. I must rest and recoup from my thoughts of a great trip. Tomorrow I will show you Day 3 and some great thrifting finds. 

Bonne nuit mes Amis


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  1. How fabulous! It must feel like a dream.

  2. You are one lucky girl, I am so envious. Looks like a great vacation, looking forward to more details and pics. Diane