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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One Sunday, One single Mom, and my ramblings.

Rise at 6:00 am, couldn't sleep. Ya think one could sleep in on your day off, No not my body,  it has an internal clock....like a rooster! Suns up! Wakey, wakey! My brain is swelling with all that needs to be done in 1 day! Here I go................

First off: Wrote my post while I had my morning coffee, answered a few emails and responded to a few comments. While I am doing this I see the glorious sunshine and I know I have to get out there and do some yard work. At the same time I am thinking "Income tax deadline" I am on family duty as the designated tax preparer. Ok I have until midnight to submit......So What do I choose?  

Outside it is. Of course after I wrote this post.....Mr. Handyman's GARDEN, it  put my garden to shame. Lots and lots of work to do!!!!!

I snapped a few photos for a future post  while admiring my blooms.....

Isn't nature a wonder! The colors are so vibrant. 

After I walked around I had a long list of to do's in my brain, but first another photo. I couldn't help myself, look at all the lovely chippy paint and rust on this piece.

Yard work: I know I have to get into the shed to get to my garden tools but it is loaded up with stuff from the winter. (psst..my nasty neighbors next door made me rip down my garage and I had to replace it with this shed) Some people are not nice. They are the neighborhood troublemakers and I just happen to live next to them. Crap! Everyone on my street hates them. They are known as the Creepella family (Mr. and Mrs. U_G_L_Y live at that address). Do I sound like a school girl? you betcha!  I ALSO believe in KARMA.  They are UGLY people because they never, ever smile. They stomp around their property with anger on their faces. 

First on the list, get the summer tires out. Hauled out my gigantic tires and realized I should put my daughters in her car which is for sale. Email me here (piorramaison) if you are in the Montreal area and interested! Just thought I would plug it. Nice looking car!

Of course her tires were stored behind the shed. Ugh! Dirt and spiders!!!! 
Have you ever tried taking the water out of the wheel wells of a tire? No easy task.  We just had her car detailed for sale. I wouldn't want to dirty it. She'd kill me! 

Next on the list, pull out the garden furniture. 

Love Mr. Buddha fountain. Everything is quite the mess but I promise it looks lovely and serene when I am done. 

Next up yanking the vines. Creeping Virgina is a beautiful vine but very invasive if not kept under control. My vine has crawled under the deck and is now invading my basement windows, my ladder I have stored and is creeping up the pool. No go lady. not in my backyard. I am at war with a vine.  Holy moly,   these things are strong. Who needs the gym! what a workout. See nice and clean. 

Next on the list,  my elephant Hosta. I have no idea what the real name is but the leaves are huge like elephant ears. I have been wanting to separate my hosta for 3 years. Now that is procrastination for ya! I do that really well, procrastinate (hint: income tax). Why do the things ya hate today when you can push them off and hope they disappear tomorrow! Isn't that how the saying goes? Or is it because I just have too much to do? Ya that's what I am going with!  OK, More on how to save money in the garden on a future post. I have many ideas. 

Next on the list: Apple blossoms, I wanted to cut and bring some indoors to celebrate Spring. When I was in NYC I noticed everyone had blossoms in their bouquets. You can read my post Spring in NYC.  Very important to catch the blossoms just before they bud.  It's ready but I am not. I looked up and saw the Hydro electric wires and decided I am not in the mood to get fried today. Its not good for the complexion. I will leave it to the professionals. My apple tree needs a good trim. I will call Mr.Procrastinator tomorrow. 

Pulled this out from underneath the balcony for nothing. sigh! Mr. Procrastinator will take care of it tomorrow. 

Well all in a days work. A girl has to eat so I decide I will fire up the BBQ for the first time this season. Now you need to know this baby sat under 5 feet of snow for 5 months (look to your left, that is the BBQ under that white fluffy stuff).  I  always say I will be BBQing all winter so I don't put it away, but the truth is Mr. Freezy takes over. I am not freezing my little toes off for any steak. That is what grilled steak in a restaurant is for!  Let's fire her up and burn some rust off. I truly believe my BBQ is on its last season. 

This was one of my first big purchases in a long time that I didn't have to consult Mr. EX on. But to my horror after I bought it, I realized I had to assemble it all by myself.  So what did I do, I called in the experts. They came over right away after they heard my concerns (tears). We worked together for several hours and "Voila" a new BBQ. They came through for me, they always do. You ask who the expert is? Ladies? you should know!  MOM. A single Mom herself to six, yes I said six children. My Mom, she is 76 years old and she still cuts her own grass, eloquently.  Mr. Procrastinator doesn't live at her address!

So I prepared a dinner for UNO. (My son was on a date). But I am never alone. I have my friends. Meet.......

Bizou and Harley (my low rider), my faithfuls. I sound like a "sob story" but I actually enjoy this time alone. After being a single Mom it is great at times to be alone with yourself.  
(sigh, deck needs to be stained this summer, sigh!) 

My son did help before he ran off and left his Mom all alone to do Poopy springtime duty. You'd swear I stabled a horse in my backyard this winter. Mr. Procrastinator refused this one. (sorry no pictures, too graphic for the sensitive). 

The daylight disappeared, so back inside and back to income tax, I made the deadline with 2 hours to spare.

And there you have it. A day in my life. Hope you enjoyed the ramblings of a menopausal single Mom. I am surprised I remembered what I wrote at the top of the page.  

Pssst... I am glad I cleaned up the BBQ. I came home from work yesterday and my son (17 yrs old) was BBQing supper in the rain! Quelle surprise. He had the BBQ bug!  It was mmmm, mmmm good! 
Thanks son. 

A little sneak peak at my 100 follower giveaway! Almost there. 

My words to inspire for the day!

The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.
                                                                                                       Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. Wow, you had a very busy Sunday! I have a horrible neighbor too so I can relate, she stands out on her balcony yelling into her cell phone with lots of vulgar language...ugghhhhh.

    Your garden sure did get a good cleaning and sprucing! How sweet of your son to grill for you:)

  2. Whew!!! I'm tired just reading this. It's good to accomplish things that need to be done.